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“SPINE”-1-1, a tested play on “9”-1-1, is owned and operated by clinicians, for patients and for clinicians.

Spinal pain results in tens of millions of medical office, urgent care, and emergency room visits each year.

The vast majority of these clinical presentations do not require surgery. Very often patients and the medical system alike are frustrated and challenged by delays in care and a proper diagnosis. Patients are often left to scramble for guidance while debilitated by pain and frightened by the uncertainty of their condition.

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Multiple disciplines of spine specialists are available to help you more promptly secure the attention and care you need.

Spine-1-1 connects you with recognized and “Spine-1-1 Certified” physicians and specialists in your community. Each of our providers strives to provide prompt, convenient, cost-effective, and evidence-based care with an emphasis placed on the full spectrum of non-surgical treatments. In those cases where a spine surgeon may be needed, our specialists can assist with surgical planning and referral.

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For an appointment same day or any day, you may connect to your Spine-1-1 specialist of choice on the web or through your personal care coordinator at our toll free number.

Join other satisfied patients who have used Spine-1-1 to reach the right spine specialist, a clinician you can trust. Spine-1-1. Your “1” destination for complete non-surgical spine care, “1” patient at a time.

Spine-1-1 Certified Physicians

The physician specialists listed in our directory are board certified within their specialty, have state medical licenses in good standing,
are active members of their specialty’s primary professional/academic society.
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