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Central Path Acupuncture & Wellness

1647 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02465


9:00am - 9:00pm

Central Path Acupuncture & Wellness

To passionately use acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, or other tools such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong or meditation to help guide people in need so that they can reach their highest potential in life.

My goal is to help people live stronger, healthier lives. Lives free of pain. Lives free of anxiety. Lives full of purpose. Lives bursting with enthusiasm. Lives where transformation is possible. Lives where compassion and love are central.

We’re all flowing along in this giant river of a universe and sometimes we get caught on a rock and we need a push. Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and meditation are all tools that nudge people down stream and create freedom by helping the body heal itself.

Primary Medical Disciplines in Practice:

  • Acupuncture

Other Disciplines in Practice:

  • N/A

Professional society memberships:

  • American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Advanced levels of training /certifications:

  • Average years of practice: 21-25 Years
  • Presented to audiences at meetings of national organizations within specialty


Brendan Carney, AC

Central Path Acupuncture & Wellness

Brendan Carney, AC
  • “I fit the pattern of why Westerners first go to an acupuncturist: To get help with pain. As my pain from a form of arthritis eased, I stopped treatments; but then I decided to experiment with what Brendan called “constitutional acupuncture.” Would I really have more energy, have a greater sense of well being, and generally feel healthier? My wife immediately noticed that I seemed happier and more relaxed. My doctor told me–a 72-year-old–at the end of my annual physical something he never had before: that I was “medically stable.” Well into January I noticed that my usual winter cough was almost nonexistent; and a cold that I caught on a trip has been my only one; it also did not, as is my pattern, go down into my chest. My psoriasis is diminishing. Acupuncture thus seems to be able to do more than treat pain. Moreover, I laugh a lot when I see Brendan. He’s fun to talk to. ”
    -KC, Newton Center
  • “Curiously, like many of my fellow doctors currently taking the Year long course “Structural Acupuncture for Physicians” at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Continuing Medical Education, I had never experienced acupuncture firsthand.As the course went on I became less of a skeptic and saw more and more ways in which acupuncture might help me with my neck and upper back pain and limitation of motion, uncomfortable surgical scars, stress reduction and menopausal symptoms. I also came to understand that some benefits may be immediate and some may gradually emerge through a course of treatments. For convenience, but more so for Brendan’s obvious technical skills and wide-ranging expertise seen in the classroom, I began treatment with him. I have had such relief from symptoms that I had just concluded I had to put up with – all without the side effects of medications. I was so pleased with the results that I treated my needle-phobic daughters to a session each so that they would be able to consider choosing acupuncture in their futures, knowing that it has helped me so much and that it doesn’t hurt. They loved it and were so comfortable with Brendan. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!”
    -LT, MD
  • “Time with Brendan is time well spent. He’s creative, compassionate, playful, and grounded. I feel relaxed and happy just walking in the door.I never know what he’s going to use from his proverbial toolbox (body work, martial arts, athletic training, meditation…), but I know for certain it will be helpful and healing. He strikes an impressive balance between responding to what my body needs in the moment, and what will help my chronic and intractable problems. So I always look forward to what I’m going to learn and gain from our appointments.”AD
  • “Brendan is a very gifted practitioner. He has a way about him. From his ready smile to his gentle yet firm touch, he exudes confidence and competence in his needling and healing abilities. I was amazed at how calmer I felt after 2 consecutive acupuncture treatments, both physically and emotionally. Brendan is thorough, creative, patient, and nonjudgmental, and is clearly invested in his patient’s well-being. Another important component is that Brendan helped me to set goals, and think of manageable ways to achieve them, which made treatments even more successful. Thank you.”LS
  • “I saw numerous foot specialists and bounced around from one to the next without receiving a real answer as to why my foot what hurting. I couldn’t dance, rise up on my toes or wear any of my fabulous shoes! I was about to give up with a friend recommended me to Brendan and I took a last chance to heal my foot with acupuncture. Within minutes by placing some needles in my hand Brendan was able to help and actually touch my without pain! I was amazed.Brendan was able to relieve the pain significantly within the first treatment. After a few days the treatment dwindled – but with each successive treatment, 7 in total, my foot improved to the point where I was wearing high heels a skirt again – just in time before ugly winter months set in! I still remember doing some toe raises after that first treatment and walking down the stairs pain free; something, which I was unable to do for a few years. I also left the acupuncture treatments feeling relaxed, composed and confident.”
  • “I would highly recommend Qi Gong to anyone. I am a cancer survivor. My holistic doctor told me he felt my cancer came more from the way I approach life than from my physical condition. That really got my attention. I lead a very healthy lifestyle with physical exercise, very healthy eating habits etc. It is much easier to change the physical aspects of one’s life than the way you approach life with your reactions to stress, relationships and work. My doctor highly recommended Qi Gong.Brendan is an amazing guide to take you into the vast benefits of Qi Gong. The moment you meet him you sense a wisdom far beyond his years. His face radiates the peace and wisdom everyone is probably seeking when you enter the room. After my very first class I felt so different. I had peace and tranquility of mind. I slept better that night than I had slept in months. The next day that peace and tranquility was still there. I was amazed that my body was actually sore in places it had never been sore…but it was not painful. I knew that Qi Gong was not really passive. Much more is going on within your body during the movements than you think.I am so sold on Qi Gong. I intend to practice everyday for the benefits this form of exercise brings to me. It is changing my life.”

Central Path Acupuncture & Wellness